Just Around The Corner: Mobile Reputation Management

Just when communication and marketing experts thought they can take a relaxing breath, having reached some form of calculating ROI and measurement of their social media activities, mobile channels and technologies start posing new fresh challenges in the online landscape. From QR codes, SMS, mobile advertising, search, and optimized emails to mobile commerce, coupons, MMS, location-based services, and Bluetooth, companies are desperately seeking for generating sales from their mobile presence.

Not having a mobile strategy is like giving up on future. While a consistent number of companies already started integrating mobile into broader marketing campaigns, integration is yet quite basic (Econsultancy, 2013). Considering the fact that more people are reading emails on a mobile device than on desktop devices, it is actually quite obvious that consumer expectations are starting to change as well. Simple, to the point, no extra layers of useless information, just personalized and relevant content going straight to the consumer. No wonder Facebook chose to buy WhatsApp!

Mobile strategy implies efforts from all departments: management, marketing, communications, design, development and legal. The main goal for mobile programs is brand engagement, loyalty and the need to stay competitive. So far. But please NOTE: mobile users do not tolerate problems (like bugs) on mobile. A problematic mobile app, for example, will be abandoned by users after only one or two failed attempts. Furthermore, dissatisfied users are driven to competitive apps and will spread unfavourable reviews in person and online. My question is this: What does the future hold for mobile reputation management?

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