About our lab

The Organizational Learning Research Laboratory is a part of the Research in Communication Center in our university, the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration.

Our team is formed of teachers and Ph. D. students who teach and study the field of Organizational Communication, Organizational Theory, and in particular the forms in which organizations evolve and adapt to the new environment of the XXI century. The Organizational Learning and The Learning Organization perspectives are areas of interest for our scientific works and research projects. Although these perspectives are build on clear concepts like team learning, double-loop learning, system thinking, the general idea of evolution for a collective social body (an organization) allows the integration of a great variety of projects. Our results include papers on online reputation management, business intelligence, entrepreneurship, changes on labor market, educational systems, communication in social media  and other topics.  We welcome also invitations to participate in international research projects (we collaborated in several research and learning projects with universities from abroad).

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