International Corporate Communication Compass for Europe (ICC Compass for Europe) is an international project developed by  EUPRERA  and coordinated by Prof. Sievert Holger . The project aims to develop an analytical grid, but even more to offer a kind of “ICC Compass for Europe” that can be used by academics and professionals to tear their attention to important differences within PR in Europe – and beyond between specific European issues and other continents. The project intends to make evident the potential usefulness of interdisciplinary approaches in international comparative PR research and to show examples of European countries where it will be applied. Using the existing knowledge as a key-resource for going much further, it involves an international team, among which we can find  Dr. Diana-Maria Cismaru, encouraging individual and equal contribution of everyone interested.

Innovation as key for organizational learning in the knowledge-based society. This project is an internal grant of the Organizational Learning Lab at SNSPA starting with June 2011 and ending in June 2013. It approaches the relation between innovation and organizational learning in Romanian companies as compared to other European countries, from a sociological perspective. The aim of this project is to identify the role of innovation in Romanian countries from distinct economic areas, as well as the relation between innovation and organizational learning as one of the knowledge-based society’s characteristics. The methodological approach will be a qualitative one in the first stage, followed by a quantitative survey meant to find out how managers from Romanian companies involve in promoting organizational learning and to what extent Romanian companies have been encouraged in developing innovative activities by the Romanian authorities and the business field, with a clear focus on the innovation role in organizational learning.

E.H.R. – Entreprenorship for Human Resources” (2011-2013) is a project developed with EU structural funds by the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration – Bucharest, in partnership with “Junior Chamber International” Federation (JCI), D&D Research and National Association of Editors and Authors of Psychological and Educational Tests. The aim of this project was to sustain business ideas, encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as to raise the performance and competences of those people working in human resources or in managerial positions in small and medium companies. The official site of the project: All members of the „Organizational Learning” (OL) lab’s team were involved in this project, covering several attributions from projecting and managing the online platform of the project, training and evaluating the participants in the workshops, to contributing to the Romanian collective volume „Entrepreneurship and performance in business. Lessons learned during the E.H.R. Entrepreneurship and performance in business project”, edited by Dr. Diana-Maria Cismaru (, 2013).

Intelligent Communication is a didactic simulation which started in 2007 and was addressed to first year students from the College of Communication and Public Relations, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration – Bucharest. In order to bring the content of the Introduction in organizational theory discipline closer to the real dynamics of the organizational field and to raise the applicability of the concepts they are presented with during classes, a structure similar to a real organization was formed. Students were ‘hired’ based on their CV, a letter of intent and a job-interview to fulfill distinct professional roles and were given several tasks that involved a permanent interaction between all members of the organization. Their activity and performance as organization was made public though simulation sessions during classes, though social media accounts, but mostly on the project’s official blog:

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