Among the most recent and relevant papers published or presented during national and international conferences we mention the following:

Innovation and knowledge-based society:

  • Cismaru, D.-M.; Leovaridis, C.; Dumitriu, D. (coord.) (2016). Trends and challenges in the learning economy, Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN 978-3659909658.
  • Cismaru, D.-M.; Leovaridis, C. (coord.) (2014). Innovation and organizational learning, Tritonic, Bucharest, ISBN 978-606-8571-48-5.
  • Cismaru, D.-M., Leovaridis C. (2013). “Internal communication and social dialogue in the knowledge-based organizations”, Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy, vol 1, no. 3, Bucharest, pp. 459-479.
  • Leovaridis, C.; Cismaru, D.M. (2014). „Characteristics of organizational culture and climate in knowledge-intensive organizations”, Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations, vol 16, no 2 (32)/2014, Bucharest:, pp. 35-57
  • Cristina Leovaridis, „Aspects of innovation within Romanian enterprises, compared to other European countries”, in Annals of Spiru Haret University Economic Series, no. 1/2013, vol. 4, pp. 21-32 (indexed in REPEC, Index Copernicus), ISBN 2068-6900.

Reputation management and social media:

  • Cismaru, D.M.; Dumitriu, D. (2015). “The impact of competitions’ success or failure on the online reputation of sport teams” in Ordeix, E.; Carayol, V., Tench, P. (eds.) Public Relations, Values and Cultural Identity, Barcelona: Peter Lang, ISBN 978-2-87574-251-3, pp. 133-149.
  • Cismaru, D.M., Tudor, D. (2014). Social media as influence factors for collaborative innovation in organizations from PR and communication field, in Pătruț B., Andone A., Holoțescu C., Grosseck G., (coord.), Smart 2014: Social Media in Academia: Research and Teaching, Medimond, Bologna, ISBN 978-88-7587-712-5, pp. 133-139.
  • Cismaru, D.M. (2014). Reputationsmanagement in sozialen Online-Netzwerken fur politische Akteure – Chancen und Risiken am Beispiel neuer EU-Mitglieder, in Sievert, H., Nelke, A. (eds.), Social-Media Kommunikation nationaler Regierungen in Europa, Springer, 2014, ISBN 978-3-658-01882-5., pp. 58-87.
  • Cismaru, D.M. (2012). A Model for Assessing the Online Reputation of Public Actors. Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations, Vol. 14 (3): 25-43.
  •   Cismaru, D.M. (2012). “Reputation management in online social networks for governmental actors: opportunities and threats”, Vol. 14, no. 1 (25) /2012, Bucharest:, pp. 75-91.
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