Among the most recent and relevant papers published or presented during national and international conferences we mention the following:

Innovation and knowledge-based society:

  • Cristina Leovaridis, „Aspects of innovation within Romanian enterprises, compared to other European countries”, in Annals of Spiru Haret University Economic Series, no. 1/2013, vol. 4, pp. 21-32 (indexed in REPEC, Index Copernicus), ISBN 2068-6900.
  • Cristina Leovaridis, “Characteristics of innovation in Romanian firms, according to some national business journals”, presented at the International Conference ”Towards the Good Society – European Perspectives”, organized by Romanian Sociologies Association, ICCV – Romanian Academy and University of Oradea, Bucharest, 24-26.10.2013.
  • Cristina Leovaridis, Gabriela Popescu, „Organizational innovation in the knowledge-based society”, presented at the International Conference „Economic Scientific Research – Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Approaches – ESPERA 2013”, organized by the Romanian National for Economic Research.

Reputation management:

  • Cismaru, D.M. (2012). A Model for Assessing the Online Reputation of Public Actors. Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations, Vol. 14 (3): 25-43.
  • Cismaru, D.M, Measuring the crisis effect of the online reputation of public actors, paper presented at Barcelona Meeting 2013 – PR network and society, 1-3.07.2013.
  • Cismaru, D.M, & Dumitriu, D.L., The Impact of Competitions’ Success or Failure on the Online Reputation of Sport Teams: A Tool of Analysis, paper presented at EUPRERA 2013 Congress – Strategic Public Relations. Public Values and Cultural Identity, Barcelona (Spain), 3-5 10.2013.
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