Research Axis for laboratory:

  • The impact of digital society development in society;
  • Changes of labor market and adaptation of educational systems;
  • The role of crises in organizational learning and evolvement;
  • Reputation management and public communication in the digital age;
  • The impact of new media on organizational communication.

reputation 17

The Organizational Learning Lab proposes a perspective which combines academic research with the professional view.  Thus, results of research are applicable and may be transferred by consultancy in the business environment.

img10Organizational dynamics in a global environment is a research axis that reconsiders the traditional topics and variables in the theory of organizations in the new reality created after globalization. The axis includes multiple aspects as the role of internal communication in organizational learning, team learning, knowledge management and innovation management, building of identity, and others. At the macro level, the team explores value and social climate changes in the Romanian society and intercultural topics as export of organizational knowledge.

crisis 3

The study of organizational crisis is another axis of research, that is considered one of the main importance in the contemporary life of organizations. Globalization determined an exponential increase of risks and of frequency of crises, as effect of multiple influences and pressures coming from stakeholders and environment.  Several topics in this area are relevant for organizational learning: chronic organizational crisis, society crisis, post-crisis organizational evolution, prevention of crises, crises and social media.


Reputation management is one of the main topics that we are interested in exploring as part of this research lab. The dynamics of the online media does not involve only opportunities in terms of building and managing reputation, but also significant risks that social actors, personal or institutional, have to cope with, making them more vulnerable in terms of public exposure. Based on Dr. Diana-Maria Cismaru’s first set of indicators developed to measure the online reputation concept, our team is now working in testing and exploring new general and specific indicators that could enrich this model and maximize its value for various social and business fields.

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